What Makes Us Different

Why are we different from your average financial advisor?

Our value proposition is that we know the ins and outs of the business owner. Through David's affiliation with The Nautilus Group®, we have access to a planning resource comprised of specialists with backgrounds in law, taxation, accounting and charitable planning to assist in the design and execution of your plan. We work very closely with different actuaries who are well versed in the testing and complex rules of retirement plans. Our tax knowledge and retirement plan designs go beyond the scope of what most advisors can offer. We have become a thought leader in this specialized space.

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Where are our clients located and how do we work with them?

Our clients span across the US. Because of our specialty in this area, we receive referrals from clients across the country. Many of our meetings are virtual and done through screen sharing and conference calls.

We mention that we work with CPA’s and have vast tax knowledge, do we do tax work like returns and corporate entity consulting?

No, we do not. We enjoy working with your accountant and other advisors. We add a value in the retirement planning space that has strategic tax-advantages, but always involve your CPA, or we can offer referrals for you to add to the team.